Hello everybody! Lately, we made lots of infographics, highlighting the strongest midlaners of the patch.

Many of you were shocked to see Doom being one of the most successful midlaners, yet he is very, very popular in high ranked games. We feel like it’s our mission to enlighten you, so you can also get some delicious MMR points by spamming this very simple hero.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Doom is a very versatile hero, who is pretty common on three positions - mid, offlane, and roam. In some games, you can use him even as a carry or hard support, as he can suit any role in the game.

The purpose of Doom in the game is to outfarm his opponents with the help of Devour and then demolish key enemy heroes in fights. He is good in both team fighting and making single kills.


Devour is your source of income, which also gives you additional health regen. Doom can use Devour on neutral creeps to consume their abilities. Getting an Alpha Wolf aura or Centaur’s Storm can be a total game-changer.

Scorched Earth is your killing tool. On use, the spell improves the movement speed of Doom, also damaging all nearest units. The spell gets a lot stronger with the addition of level 10 and 15 talents.

Infernal Blade provides extra damage and mini-stun. The spell is very good at helping Doom to make single kills. The deals most of its damage based on the current health of the opponent. Ability gets ridiculously strong with the addition of Aghanim’s Scepter and level 25 talent.

Dota 2 guides: Doom. How to play Mid Doom| GOSU.AI

Doom is what makes this hero so good in any patch. The spell works on a single target, blocking the target’s ability to use any spells or items, dealing damage in the meantime. The spell helps Doom to counter any other hero in the game.


The item build for the mid Doom is very straightforward. You can copy this build in every game and still succeed.

For your starting gold, you should purchase Gauntlet of Strength, Circlet, Iron Branch, Faerie Fire, and Quelling Blade.
In the early game use two components to complete Bracer, go for Phase Boots, Magic Wand, and Drum of Endurance afterward.

Black King Bar and Blink Dagger are your two key items in the mid-stage of the game, followed by Shiva’s Guard.

In the late-game, you only have to purchase Aghanim’s Scepter, Assault Cuirass, and Heart of Tarrasque.

Doom rarely needs any other items.

Dota 2 guides: Doom. How to play Mid Doom| GOSU.AI


The gameplay of Doom is very dependent on effective farming. The whole purpose of midlane Doom in the game is to outfarm his opponents heavily and then use his advantage to win fight after fight.

Coming to the lane make sure to use Devour on the ranged creep right away. Focus on last-hitting, rather than on denying or fighting. Use Scorched Earth to force some regen out of your opponent at level 2.

Once you hit level 3 more towards the jungle and use level 2 Devour on a neutral creep. Prioritize using it on the blue Ogre of Alpha Wolf.

Keep farming lane and then move into the jungle to Devour a creep once the spell is ready to use. With Phase Boots, Magic Wand, and level 6 you can consider making a rotation in order to get a kill. While Doom is on cooldown focus on farming and split pushing.

This is your gameplay for the most part of the game. Ultimate is ready - force a fight, ultimate on cooldown - farm.
With the help of Devour, you should get your key items relatively fast. Black King Bar and Blink Dagger are your two key items in the game. However, Shiva’s Guard and Aghanim’s Scepter are what gives Doom the ability to take fights at all times.

Prioritize using Doom on the most important heroes of the enemy team. If you start a fight by Dooming the enemy carry or midlaner, most often it is going to result in the easy victory in the fight.

Dota 2 guides: Doom. How to play Mid Doom| GOSU.AI

Try not to get caught out of position. Doom basically has one useful ability for the fight, if you do not use it in time, the hero becomes useless.

Allies and counters

Doom is one of those midlaners, who do not have any direct counters. He may have troubles laning against Batrider, Razor, Shadow Fiend, or Lina, but he can still do fine and come with a decent farm after the lane.

Doom works greatly in combination with Grimstroke. It is to pick powerful late-game carry in combination with midlane Doom.