Today we are going to talk about the strongest offlaner of the current patch. This hero simply can’t lose his lane. His high armor and insanely powerful nuke help him to dominate the lane in any scenario. Welcome, the hero of today’s guide is Bloodseeker.

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Role in the game

Bloodseeker is a very versatile hero. In the current meta, he may be used in all five positions. The most common role for BS is offlaner, but he is also very good as midlaner or carry.

The purpose of Bloodseeker in the game is to secure a victory in his lane, get his early items, and then apply pressure on the enemy cores.


Bloodrage is a very useful buff, which is very good in the mid and late stages of the game. Bloodrage improves attack speed and amplifies spell damage of the buffed target.

Blood Rite is one of the strongest nukes in the game. This spell makes Bloodseeker as strong as he is in the current patch. Blood Rite deals 120 pure damage in a huge AoE and only has a 12 seconds cooldown. And all of it on level 1!

Thirst is a passive ability. The spell regenerates the HP of Bloodseeker every time an enemy unit dies near him. Thirst improves the movement speed of Bloodseeker based on the health of enemy heroes. If the enemy’s health drops below 25%, Bloodseeker is going to get a true sight vision on this target.

Rapture is one of the best counters to mobile heroes in the game. While the enemy is Raptured, he is going to take damage anytime he moves.

Dota 2 guides: Bloodseeker. How to play Bloodseeker| GOSU.AI


Offlane Bloodseker is basically a third support in the team. His goal is to purchase as many team fight oriented items as possible, enabling his cores to deal more damage in fights.

For your starting gold you should get yourself a set of Tangoes, Healing Salve, Ring of Protection, Quelling Blade and Enchanted Mango. Your goal is to spam Blood Rite as often as possible, so the Mango is very necessary. Moreover, you are going to require to bring more Mangoes while the laning stage is ongoing.

Dota 2 guides: Bloodseeker. How to play Bloodseeker| GOSU.AI

In the early-game you need to get yourself Veil of Discord as your first item, before you even go for Boots. Veil contains cheap and useful components, which significantly improve survivability of Bloodseeker in the lane. Follow the Veil of Discord with Arcane Boots and Magic Wand.

In the mid-game you need to get Mekansm and then use it to build Guardian Greaves. Follow them up with Solar Crest.

In the late-game go for Aghanim’s Scepter, Scythe of Vyse and Octarine Core.


The main purpose of Bloodseeker in the game is to destroy his lane. If you pick Bloodseeker and lose a lane, you are going to lose a game afterward.

Blood Rite is your key resource in the lane. Use this ability to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps and harass the enemy carry. In order to hit the enemy carry with Blood Rite, it is best to have a roamer with a stun in the lane. Cooperate with your roamer to play as effectively as you can in the lane.

After you win your lane you should focus on pressuring enemy towers. You need to use your early advantage, alongside your team fight oriented items to build an advantage for your team. With Mekansm and especially Guardian Greaves completed you can start playing aggressively and frontline for your team in fights.

Prioritize using Rapture on the most mobile enemy heroes to prevent them from escaping during fights.

Dota 2 guides: Bloodseeker. How to play Bloodseeker| GOSU.AI

Allies and counters

Bloodseeker works best in combination with strong roamers, who have stuns. Rubick, Windranger, Tiny, Earth Spirit work very well together with BS in the lane.

The best counters to Bloodseeker are heroes, who can dodge Blood Rite with the help of their spells. Heroes such as Juggernaut, Lifestealer, and Morphling rarely have any troubles against BS.