Hey boys and girls! We haven't spoken about any supports in a long time, have we? This week we want to talk about the best counter to heroes with HP regen mechanics - Ancient Apparition.

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Role in the game

The main purpose of Ancient Apparition is to counter heroes with imbalanced healing mechanics. AA is a great answer to heroes like Huskar, Alchemist, Timbersaw or Morphling.

Ancient Apparition is usually played in the hard support position. However, he is also commonly used as a roamer, midlaner, or even offlaner.


Cold Feet is a single-target spell, which deals damage over time. If the enemy stays in the initial cast point he is going to get stunned for the duration of the ability.

Ice Vortex slows nearby targets, while also decreasing their magic resistance. Vortex gives vision over the area, so you can use it to deward cliffs.

Chilling Touch deals magical damage and slows the target for 0.5 seconds. This is a powerful harassing tool, which may be very annoying in the early stages of the game once it’s on the max level.

Ice Blast launches blast towards a location, dealing damage and de-buffing all enemies that are inside of the blast. The greater the distance is, the larger AoE the blast is going to have. All de-buffed opponents lose the ability to regenerate health and can shutter if their health is below 12/13/14%, based on the level of the ability.

Dota 2 guides: Ancient Apparition. How to play Ancient Apparition hard support| GOSU.AI


The item build for Ancient Apparition is mostly straight forward.

On your starting gold, you should purchase 6 Tangoes, Healing Salve, Faerie Fire, 2 Enchanted Mangoes, Clarity, Iron Branch, and Faerie Fire. A high amount of consumables is going to allow you to trade your health effectively with enemy offlaner and roamer.

In the early game, you need to make Arcane Boots and Magic Wand. AA is not very dependent on having Arcanes, so you can consider going for Tranquil Boots and two Bracers instead.

In the mid-game, your goal is to get yourself items, which can improve your mobility and defensiveness. The two best items you can get are Glimmer Cape and Force Staff.

Your two core items for the late-game are Scythe of Vyse, Aeon Disk, and Refresher Orb.

Dota 2 guides: Ancient Apparition. How to play Ancient Apparition hard support| GOSU.AI


The worst part about AA is that he has very little possibilities in the game. He is not very good at split pushing, can’t initiate fights, can’t set up kills, can’t escape ganks. However, he is one of the very few supports, who can provide tons of magical damage during fights.

Ancient Apparition has a good attack range, but can’t provide much during the Bounty Rune fight. Aim to go to the offlane for the Bounty Rune fight to ensure that your team takes two out of four.

In the lane, your goal is to use your high attack range to constantly harass enemy heroes. Use Chilling Touch to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps in case your carry is not able to do so.

Pull as often as you can to deny farm from enemy heroes and get yourself necessary experience. AA is very dependent on having good levels in the game. For the same reason, you should aim to take either a mid or safe lane from one of your cores to get to level 6 as soon as possible.

Once you get ultimate start focusing on getting kills around the map. You can smoke together with teammates or simply help them make kills from the other side of the map. Be active with your suggestions, seek any opportunity to get kills.

Make sure to hit your opponents with the Ice Blast, it is the only job you have during fights. Do not rush to use this spell. Wait for one of your teammates to set up a killing attempt with disables, and only then follow it up with your ultimate.

Dota 2 guides: Ancient Apparition. How to play Ancient Apparition hard support| GOSU.AI

Allies and counters

Ancient Apparition works best with teammates, who have AoE disables. He is great in combination with Faceless Void, Sand King, and Earthshaker.

The best counters to AA are mobile heroes, such as Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Ember Spirit, Void Spirit. AA has no way of stopping them.