Nature’s Prophet cliff farming

And right away we start with one of the most hated mechanics ever existed in Dota 2. Furion cliff farming was an ultimate ass move by players, who didn’t want to support. They would not only leave their carry without support but would also basically disappear from the map for the duration of the early stage of the game.

Usually, the fact that Furion would farm on the cliff wasn’t even the worst part, as they would go for Hand of Midas into Dagon 5 right away.

Be honest guys, were you ever that one guy, who has cliffed as Nature’s Prophet?

Beastmaster level 1 ancient farming

Beastmaster ancient farm was a legit strategy even in professional matches. We still had 3v1v1 meta when this strategy was invented. More offlaners had very hard times receiving levels. The solution was quite simple - if you can’t get experience in the lane, you should get it by farming neutrals. What was better than farming neutrals? Farming ancients obviously. The strategy allowed Beastmaster to get level 6 before the 6th minute of the game and then provide a lot of impact during a match.

Venomancer jungle speed farming

Venomancer alongside Enigma considered being one of the most efficient jungle farmers in the game. Having two neutral camps and one ancient camp so close to the Shrine allowed Venomancer to farm very fast and absolutely safely at the same time. If Veno was lucky with spawns he could get himself level 6 before the game reached the 5th minute. He could legitimately farm faster than midlaners.

Technically, you can still try farming neutrals with Veno, but it won’t be as effective as it used to be.