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What is Dota 2 Auto Chess?

Dota Auto Chess is an 8-player PvP game mode in Dota 2. Every single player has an 8 by 8 chess like board. Round by round, players get a random set of heroes from a limited pool to choose from and place on their side of the board. Each player controls a courier with a 100% health bar. Your courier's Mana bar is always equal to your Gold amount (the maximum is 100 as well). Gold and economics in general are the essential parts of auto chess. We will get to it later.

The players are matched against each other (or against neutral creeps every 5 rounds) where the chess pieces battle against each other automatically. When you fight neutral creeps there is a chance of getting some items which you can hand over to your units, making them stronger. If a player loses the battle, he then loses 1 health points from each enemy hero left on the board (2 or 3 if the enemy hero is powerful). The game is won when only one player is still standing.

How to install Auto Chess for Dota 2?

To start playing Dota Auto Chess you have to download it.  Launch Dota 2 client and find a library of custom games. You will definitely find it there. It won’t take you more than a minute. That was a piece of cake, wasn’t it?

1. Download Dota 2

2. Add Auto Chess to Dota 2

How to get gold

How to get more Gold in Auto Chess

As it was mentioned before - economics is one of the cornerstones of the game.

  • Every round you get some basic amount of gold. For rounds 1,2 and 3 you get 1,2 and 4 gold respectively. Since the game reaches round 5, you starting to get 5 gold per round permanently.
  • When you defeat an enemy on your board you get 1 gold. Moreover, if there is a series of victories/loses you also get additional gold (up to 3).
  • Every round you also get 10% interest on your gold stores. However, there is a set maximum - 5 gold. In other words, if you have, for example, even 100 gold you will get no more than 5.
  • You can sell your 1st level figures for its full price. Figures of 2nd and 3rd level are sold by the price that is equal to their level.
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Overview of Gold in Auto Chess

Remember, to develop the economy - develop your strategy. The poorest players in a game are the ones who alternate between winning and losing each round, especially at the beginning of the game. By doing that they do not get additional gold. So it's better to stick to one plan. Win streak/lose streak strategies are summarized below.

In addition to units (pieces), the money can be spent on leveling up a courier. With each level the limit of your pieces placed on the battlefield increases. There is a special “level up” button, get ready to lose 5 gold and receive 4 experience every time you push it. To check how much experience, you have at the moment, you need to hold down the ALT button, the numbers will be written under the courier icon. Besides, you require 2 gold to reroll pieces in the pool. Don’t reroll too often in the early stages of a match as it’s too damaging to your economy.

Building a Team

This is where fun begins

There are 58 pieces in Dota Auto Chess. Pieces have synergy on three levels: Species, Class, and Abilities. Every unit has its own skill, which is used automatically when 100 mana is reached. Units can get mana by dealing or taking damage with their basic attacks. Survivable, long-range and high damage heroes usually use their powers more often. A list of all available pieces in auto chess can be found by clicking on a special button on the left corner.

Different types of pieces have different price, classified by colours. The more expensive one unit is, the less chances you have receive it.  A chance of getting pieces of different level is depended on your courier’s level so to get rare figures - level up your courier!

Nevertheless, don’t be hurry. No reason to level up the courier if your strategy requires low-priced figures. Well-chosen and performed strategy is a key of success.

Races - Unit bonuses

Dota Auto Chess has become a phenomenon. No wonder that new patches are common thing. Let's have a look at 25.02.2019 Patch update for races

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Beasts, Bonus increased by 5% on all levels. From 10%/15%/20% to 15%/20%/25%.

Elves, Level 3 bonus (9 units) introduced: 25% evasion for all elves.

Nags, Magic resistance rescaled to 30/30 (from 20/40).

Orcs, Level 1 bonus (2 units) bonus hp reduced from 250 to 200. Level 2 bonus (4 units) bonus hp reduced from 350 to 300.

Undead, level 2 bonus (4 units) reduced from -7 armor to -6 armor.

Level 3 bonus (6 units) reduced from -9 armor to -7 armor.

New race added - Satyr - (1) Hide's your Bench from enemy vision as long as a Satyr is on your Bench.

Class And Species Hero Synergy List

Here we also have 25.02.2019 Patch update for classes:

ASSASSINS, Level 3 bonus (9 units) introduced: 20% chance to deal 5x damage.

HUNTERS, Level 2 bonus (4 units) reduced from 30% damage to 25%.

Creativity is a great feature, however sometimes it’s better to avoid reinventing the wheel.

There are some starting combos which include low-level figures that have synergy. Look closely, screenshots are attached as well.

  • WARRIORS+ORCS. 3 warriors with 2 of them are orcs (Juggernaut+Axe). This combination is easy to collect at the very beginning. Your warriors have +7 armour buff, additional 200 HP to Orcs-warriors. Moreover, this combination deals good damage.
  • GOBLINS+MECHS. 3 goblins, 2 of them are mechs (clockwerk, tinker, timbersaw, bounty hunter). This combo is one of the most popular with players. The thing is, up till the mid-stage of the game it's really hard to break through additional buffs regeneration and armour that goblins+mechs posses.
  • ELVES + DRUIDS. Anti-mage + Treant Protector + nature's prophet + enchantress. All this figure are able to tank well, thanks to their increased chance to avoid physical attack. Moreover, treant protector, nature's prophet and enchantress are druids and require only 2 figures to transform into the next level (★) figure. So they can be easily become ★★ at the very beginning of the game. Upgrades of thepieces will be covered later.
  • KNIGHTS + any units. If you are lucky enough to have Knights at the start - take them without doubt. Combination of 4 Knights is impossible to overthrow at the beginning. Chaos Knight is both Demon and Knight and has 50% additional pure damage.
  • 2nd level figures (★★). If you managed to get ★★ units fast - use this advantage. Even though they do not stack with your starting pack - ★★ pieces are more powerful than any combination at the early stage of Dota Auto Chess.

There are dozens of other strategies in the game. These were some basic combinations that can be improved by adding suitable pieces. The first and very essential thing you need to do is to take your time and study the figures. It can save you a lot of time in future.

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How to play Auto Chess

Basic Gameplay

Random is a big part of the game. Sometimes your opponents can obtain combinations from the very beginning, while you have nothing to work with. Here you have to decide what strategy you will carry out: lose-streak or win-streak strategy.

Lose-streak strategy is a pretty simple and easy to perform. You have to lose round by round to get additional gold. Keep in mind that you are sacrificing HP for gold. As soon as you have 50 gold, choose strategy and start placing heroes on the board.

Win-streak strategy requires luck and good scouting of enemy figures. Perform it only if you have a close to perfect starting board. Moreover, you have to constantly strengthen your board to keep up a win streak. So, to get necessary pieces, be ready to spend gold on rerolls.

Auto Chess: Basic strategy

When first pieces are placed on the battlefield, it's about time to make a plan for the game. Pay attention to your enemies. If they collect a particular combination of units, do not try to collect the same combination. Remember that players receive units from a one-for-all deck of pieces. Keep in mind, there is no reason to plan a particular combination in advance (before the match starts). In a game of minds, it’s silly to rely on luck.

The main rule of Dota Auto Chess - play with what you have. There are numerous ways to combine figures which have synergy between each other.  With a good economy you will be able to create a strong board by the late stage of the game. Ideally, economy may be called good when you have 50 gold in your stores. In this case you get maximum interest rate which is 5 gold. In addition to win/lose streak series and constant income per round, it's possible to receive 13 gold every round.

Advanced tactics

Warriors + Control (stun/disable/etc.)

Warriors deal good damage, have lots of HP and armour aura that affects warriors on the board.

Hereinafter you will see the bonuses that each combo has

  • + 200 HP to Orcs (Axe, Juggernaut)
  • 10% damage to all heroes/units
  • 20% chance to disarm enemy for 3 sec.
  • 50% pure damage
  • 24 defence to warriors

Add tide/enigma/disruptor/medusa to have disables. It becomes crucial by the late stage of the game. You will see yourself; control is a key to victory. By carrying out such scenario you have good damage and additional control.

Goblins + Mechs

Easy to implement strategy, thanks to the starting combo we’ve mentioned before. Nevertheless, don't be hurry. To perform it well you have to level up your courier to get a rare techie fast. This strategy is aimed on fast pushing your enemies with huge buffs + damage dealt by techies. With this strategy you will dominate till the late game, where it has no significant advantages over the other late-game strategies.

  • 3 goblins - Grants a random ally +15 armor and +10 HP regeneration.
  • 6 goblins - Grants all allies with +15 armor and +10 HP regeneration.
  • 2 Mechs - All friendly mechs have +15 HP regeneration.
  • 4 Mechs -  All friendly mechs have an additional +25 HP regeneration.

If game is about to enter the late stage add some damage + control (tide/enigma/disruptor/medusa/lich).


Treant protector+Anti Mage+Enchantress+Furion+Luna+Windranger+Templar Assassin+Lone Druid + any of these: shadow fiend/tide/enigma/disruptor/medusa.
The last pick depends on a particular situation, whether you need additional damage or control.

  • (3) Elfs: All friendly elves have +20% evasion.
  • (6) Elfs: All friendly elves have additional +25% evasion.
  • (2) Beasts: All allies have +10% attack damage, including summoned units.

As soon as you collect 6 elves, physical damage is no longer a big threat to you. Beasts will give additional damage aura to all units. The main advantage of this strategy is that elves-druids are easy to upgrade - two druids level 1 (★ ) transforms into one druid level 2 (★ ★ ). This strategy is as strong in mid game as goblins+mechanisms.

Knights + Dragons

Knights + 3 dragons is one of the strongest late game strategies in Dota Auto Chess. Knights are strong by themselves even without leveling them up, thanks to their shields. If you have 3 dragons on the board, each starts a round with 100 MP. In this strategy, you have high damage from dragons while knights are great frontliners.
In the late stage you can add some pieces for control -  tide/medusa/kunka/disruptor.

  • (2) Knights: All friendly knights are now, for 30% of the time, protected by a damage-reduction shield.
  • (4) Knights: All friendly knights have an additional 30% of the time being protected by a damage-reduction shield.
  • (6) Knights: All friendly knights have an additional 30% of the time being protected by a damage-reduction shield.
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Basic Principles Of Positioning

Close attention should be paid to positioning of your units. Carefully monitor enemies’ boards and adapt to it. You can knock out an opponent with fewer pieces, but better positioning on the board.
Figures that have to cast their spells first should be placed near to the frontline. Place low HP heroes behind and cover them with other pieces.

To win in auto chess, concentrate upon these things:

  • The time. Between the rounds you have only 30 seconds to buy and place pieces on the board. Throughout the game you need to constantly change, buy and upgrade your pieces, level up the courier, monitor the enemies. Moreover, in the late game you will have to roll a lot to get the necessary units and position your army in the right order. Be quick and consider actions in advance.
  • Switch strategies. If you start your game with the starting combos, but it lacks some essential pieces, do not be afraid to add new units. Always keep in a stock a few heroes. That will make you flexible.
  • Enemies’ boards/pieces. The pool of units is equal to everyone, so if you have the same figures your opponent is about to plan strategy around, it is better changing the strategy. Note, that all pieces return to a common pool as soon as the opponent dies, leaves game or simply sells a piece.
  • Positioning. Every class and race have special features, it’s essential to place pieces in the correct order that will make your board stronger. Do not forget to keep an eye on your opponents’ boards to position your figures in a right way.
  • Damage table. To the left of the battlefield, you will see dps — the amount of damage per second, which is dealt by your heroes. Try to change some pieces from time to time, perhaps it will raise your dps. Remember that some figures may be on your board only for synergy with other figures.

How levels work in Dota Auto Chess

As it’s been mentioned before courier’s level lets you increase the amount of figures on the cells and raises a chance of receiving a rare figure. Plus, it raises chance for you to get a rare piece.

Courier has 10 levels. See the amount of exp. required for each level.

How can I get XP in Dota Auto Chess?

There are 2 ways to level up your courier

1. As soon as rounds ends and 30 seconds period starts, you get 1 XP point.
2. Buying a level for gold. Each click will cost you 5 gold and give 4 XP points.

Keep in mind what units are required for you now and in the future. A tricky part is that level 10 courier will have expensive and rare figures, but at the same time you won’t be provided with cheap/basic ones. Once again, planning process is crucial in Dota Auto Chess.

Auto Chess Upgrades: How to combine and upgrade chess pieces in Dota Auto Chess

Let’s get back to pieces. Each has 3 levels of upgrade, stars serve as level indicator (★, ★★ and ★★★ respectively)

Formula is pretty simple

3 x ★ = One ★★ piece.

3 x ★★ = One ★★★  piece.

Upgrading figures are critically needed to succeed in Dota Auto Chess. Starting units are always level 1.  Each figure has its own strengths compared to other figures of the same level, but the difference between level 1 figure and level 2 is really huge. Do not neglect the high level figures, even if they do not stack to your current combination of units, especially at the beginning of the game.

Getting back to tricky druids’ upgrade, keep in mind, you can upgrade 3 druids into one, but it is much costly for the economy.

If you want to upgrade a druid, it is better to put 2 similar druids, and the third one must be a different one. For example, two Treant Protector and one Enchantress. In this case, your Treant Protector will transform into  ★★ Treant Protector.

A special feature for getting level 3 Druid (★★★) is that you need to have four different druids on your board (Lone druid, Enchantress, Furion, Treant Protector), and one of them must be a duet of ★★. Sounds weird, let’s have a look at the example.

Let's suppose you want to get ★★★ Lone Druid. To do that, on the board you need to have two Lone Druids level 2 (★★) + Enchantress, Furion, Treant Protector. This is the only way to get Lone Druid level 3 ★★★.

If it’s still not clear, the video below shows examples of playing through druids:

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What is Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy?

There aren't no microtransactions in Dota Auto Chess, expect in-game cosmetics. Auto chess currency known as Candy.These items can be obtained in a few different ways, but regardless of how you get that Candy you'll be spending it on new couriers.

How do you get Candy in Auto Chess?

Candies are given to players depending on a match results. If you managed to be among TOP-3, a certain amount of candies is yours for sure. Also, candies are given for knocking out players. The more players you knock out, the more many candies you will get at the end of the game.

The maximum limit of cherished Candies per day is 10.

How do you buy new couriers in Auto Chess?

What can you spend Candy on in Auto Chess?

To open a Candy Store, click on the Courier Collection tab in the upper left corner.

Next, if you have the required amount of candies, click on the roll button to get a random courier. It costs 40 candies. You also have an opportunity to get a rare courier, which changes from time to time, as well as its cost.

Note that you can get a duplicate of the courier you already have. No reason to worry, the developers have created an exchange tool. There you can change couriers of a certain type to a rare one. Nevertheless you can sell a duplicate for 10 candies.


Dota Auto Chess has its own ranking system.

The Pawn is the basic rank for every player, while the Queen is the highest rank.

1.    Queen

2.    King

3.    Rook

4.    Bishop

5.    Knight

6.    Pawn

In each of the above categories there are steps that are numbered 1-9. Once you reach the highest step, you will move up to the next rank. For example, once you reach Pawn-9, the next rank will be Knight-1.

Each rank has its own rating range, which is shown in the table.

Item list

The beginning of each match in Dota Auto Chess starts the same way, regardless of anything. In the first three waves you will fight with creeps for the experience and some items. The chance of dropping any item is random. Items are also very important part of the game. During the match you will face the creeps again, but every time they grow stronger what is obvious.

Creep waves

The percentage chance for item tiers from enemy Creeps

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Item list

Items can be combined into one better item. To see what you can get from a single item just press ‘’Show Combinations’’.

Summary and key advices

  • Economics is a key to victory. The more gold you can accumulate for each subsequent round, the easier it will be to play. Level up your courier and roll the units only if it’s necessary.
  • Streaks. Watch out for your streaks to get bonus gold. It is not necessary to alternate winning and losing round after round.
  • Enemies. Pay attention to strategies your opponents carrying out. It’s bad to have the same strategies with someone. Luck may not be on your side and you will be knocked out.
  • Starting combos. Use the previously mentioned combos to have a good start. Especially if you are a beginner, it will be easier to start having simple but effective combinations on the board.
  • Variability. Always keep different pieces in your pocket to be able to quickly switch to a different strategy.
  • Positioning of figures. No matter how strong your figures are, always place them correctly. Watch for opponents’ pieces constantly. Even having the strongest board at a certain point, you can lose a round and consequently a streak due to the poor positioning of units.
  • Play with what you are given.  Adapt to the situation. Perhaps at first it will be hard to remember and understand the mechanics, but experience is the best teacher.
  • Time. In order not to make mistakes think over all these details during the rounds. Remember you only have 30 seconds between the rounds to make decisions.
  • Inventory. Keep track the items you get from creeps. Combined items give a huge bonuses to your heroes.

GOSU.AI hopes you’ve found this guide useful. We also advise you to have a look on the list below. There you will find some videos of top-level Dota Auto Chess players.
Good luck, grandmaster!




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