Dark Seer has always been one of the strongest offlaners in Dota 2. In a current patch, this hero has an insane 55.5% win rate, which is a third highest among all heroes in GOSU.AI database.

Dark Seer 7.22 patch

During the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, this hero was either picked or banned in 62% of all games and had a 62% win rate in 71 games he had played.

Today we will help you select the best hero you can pick in combination with Dark Seer to dominate your lane either by playing with your friends or solo in ranked games.

You might be surprised to see so many ranged heroes in this list, as Dark Seer is usually picked in combination with powerful melee roamers. However, the more you think of it, the more logical it gets. Grimstroke, Phoenix, Jakiro and Techies – all these heroes are able to apply significant pressure on the enemy carry with their key abilities. Alongside Ion Shell, they can force opponents to spend all their healing items very early into the laning stage.

Earthshaker and Sand King are more common to see with Dark Seer in the lane, as together they are able to farm in between tier-1 and tier-2 enemy towers and then easily burn down the enemy carry with the help of two Ion Shells.

But now, let's look closely at each match-up.

Dark Seer + Grimstroke

Grimstroke 7.22 patch

Start the laning stage by using three Ion Shells on two allied creeps and one on Dark Seer himself. Your goal is not to let your opponents to deny any creeps, as it is very important for you to get to level 2 as soon as possible. As Grimstroke, select Stroke of Fate and use it to harass your opponents and ensure last-hits of ranged creeps if it will be necessary.

The goal in the lane: Harass your opponents with the help of Ion Shell and Stroke of Fate, force them to use their regen. Once both of you get level 3 you will be able to dive your opponents under the tower and kill them with the help of Ion Shell, Ink Swell and Surge.

Dark Seer + Phoenix

Phoenix 7.22 patch

As Dark Seer, once again use three Ion Shells to push the lane and ensure last-hits of all creeps. The biggest mistake Phoenix player can make is to select Icarus Dive at level 1. You need to get Fire Spirits and use them to prevent enemy carry from last-hitting and denying and to harass him at the same time.

The goal in the lane: Use your spells effectively to harass your opponents. Once both of you gets to level 3, use Ion Shell, Surge, Icarus Dive and Fire Spirits to dive and kill your opponents.

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Dark Seer + Jakiro

Jakiro 7.22 patch

The same scenario for Dark Seer once again. As Jakiro, do not select Liquid Fire at level, it is essential to get Dual Breath. Use it to harass the enemy carry or to trade HP with the enemy support effectively.

Out of all ranged heroes, Jakiro is probably the weakest one in the lane with Dark Seer, since he lacks mobility. However, he is the strongest one in the game, as Ice Path + Vacuum combination is one of the simplest and strongest to pull off.

The goal in the lane: Once Dark Seer gets level 2 Ion Shell, try to catch the enemy carry on an attempt to last-hit and use Dual Breath on him. Dive him while he is slowed. It can be effective to get one point in Ice Path by level 3 to be able to cancel Town Portal Scroll animation.

Dark Seer + Techies

The scenario for Dark Seer is unchanged. As Techies, learn BlastOff! at level 1 and use it to harass the enemy carry and push the wave. Do not be afraid to take the last-hits of ranged creeps.

Techies 7.22 patch

The goal in the lane: Unlike other lanes, Techies and Dark Seer do not have any significant killing potential. The only way to get a kill is to get your opponents to low HP and then effectively hit the BlastOff!, it will allow Dark Seer to finish off the wounded hero with the help of Ion Shell and Surge.

Once you get level 5 on Dark Seer, you can leave the lane and start farming jungle to allow Techies to get his necessary levels.

In the game, you can use Vacuum to dislocate your opponents and blow them up with mines.

Dark Seer + Earthshaker | Sand King

Lane strategy can depend on your preferences. The simple way is the same as in previous match-ups, as you required using several Ion Shells to push the lane. However, in this case, you can use one of the shells on your lane partner. The harder and more effective way is to move in between tier-1 and tier-2 enemy Towers and burn down the full creep wave with the help of two Ion Shells. To do so, it is necessary to block enemy creeps, as the first creep wave will not follow you. Once you burned the full wave, you will be able to apply a lot of pressure on the enemy carry under his tower.

Sand King 7.22 patch

The goal in the lane: Stay in between tier-1 and tier-2 enemy towers and farm enemy creeps there. Farm nearby jungle camps as well to increase the amount of gold and experience you get from the lane.

Earthshaker 7.22 patch

General tips

1) If you lane against a tri-lane, it will be very hard for you to get any experience. In this case, roamer should immediately move in between tier-1 and tier-2 towers to steal or stack the enemy creep wave. It will allow you to get safe gold and experience and also push the lane towards your tower.

2) When you dive your opponent under his tower, try not to attack him to avoid getting damage from the tower. Instead, use 'Move' command to follow him safely and burn him down with the help of Ion Shell.

3) If you are farming in between enemy towers and you need to bring the Soul Ring, very often it is better to deny yourself to the enemy tower to get this item and restore your resources as well.

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