No doubt, laning stage is one of the most important stages of the game. Supports who are able to apply pressure on enemy heroes will definitely help their cores to get a free farm. Here we present you top-5 successful supports who are are happened to be damage-dealers as well. It is quite surprising, but Abaddon holds the first place with a dominant 4.2k damage, mostly thanks to Mist Coil. The spell was added long ago in a 6.33 patch, barely seen any nerfs unlike buffs. Right now 1st level of Mist Coil deals 120 damage, requires only 50 mana and has 4.5 sec. cooldown.

The remaining supports have also a tangible 600+ damage index above average. Decent attack animation, range and powerful nukes allow Silencer, Ancient Apparition, Disruptor and Dazzle put much pressure on their opponents. Most low/middle skill players have difficulties when being constantly attacked by supports. If you are looking for increasing your MMR, consider picking supports who have a strong presence in the laning stage.

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April 15, 2019
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