Today we are happy to announce that GOSU.AI Cassiopeia update has been released! From now you can chat with AI in different languages via a totally reworked interface of the app.

Chat with AI

Cassiopea Update for GOSU.AI

Think back to when you were really happy while playing. Most likely at that moment you were playing with your friends. There were a lot of fun and jokes in chat, sometimes hot debates, or even swearing. All of them were conversations that evoked emotions. But what if all your friends are offline? Thanks to modern Neural Networks from now on you can chat with GOSU Assistant about any topic, any problem, in any mood. He is always learning, ready to communicate, and support you in difficult times. The more you chat with him today, the cleverer he will be tomorrow.

For GOSU Club members we've prepared an ultimate feature. You can chat with AI Assistant not only by text but also by voice.

Feel free to share your feedback via Discord.


Cassiopea Update for GOSU.AI

For many of us, English is not the first language. Sometimes it's hard to understand the accent, other times you just don't know some words, and as a result- you do not understand the whole phrase. That's why we've started the translation process. From now on Spanish and Russian languages are available for Dota 2 players. You can change the language in the settings menu of the app. Soon we will release Portuguese and Chinese for League of Legends players.

Did not find your language? You can request it or even help us with the translation. Just tag @staff in Discord.

New interface

Cassiopea Update for GOSU.AI

Some of you are reading this article already in the app. From now on you can forget about the Alt + Tab shortcut. All you need is Alt + X or any other combination you choose. Thanks to overlay technology from Overwolf, there will be no more fps drops due to switching between windows. GOSU.AI is a second screen for gamers where you already can hear in-game advice from GOSU Voice Assistant and chat with it, find memes, read articles, watch video guides, and check stats.

And this is just the beginning...

What's next?

  • Alternative roles. Wanna play Cassiopeia top instead of mid in LoL? Lina is your favorite support in Dota 2?
  • Pre-match. Need stats about enemies and allies to create a winning strategy?
  • Profile and post-match. Wanna check your best games and share the stats with friends?
  • Esports. GOSU, what is the current roster of Evil Geniuses? Their tournament score?
  • Champions / Heroes. GOSU, what should I do in fight vs Ahri / Lina?