It's been a week since the latest patch, it is now the best time to see the results of IceFrogs work on balancing the heroes.

Buffed and nerfed heroes of 7.27d

29 heroes were touched in the 7.27d. 13 of them were buffed and 16 of them were nerfed. How well of a job IceFrog did?

The first thing worth mentioning is that all 13 of buffed heroes got an increase in win rate. Bloodseeker became a hero of the patch and is now dominating in both professional and high tier matchmaking games. High base armor alongside very powerful nuke made him very strong in the lane, while Bloodrage spell amplification made him insanely useful throughout the game.

The nerfs didn’t go so smoothly. Even with slight nerfs Bane and Underlord got a decent positive win rate switch. Enchantress, who is now receiving armor buff on the creep instead of an insane health bonus, ended up being even stronger then she was before. In an attempt to nerf the combination with Clinkz, IceFrog accidentally made the hero a lot stronger in the lane.

Are you happy with the nerfs and buffs? What hero deserved a bigger nerf?