As many of you have asked, this week’s infographic we are going to show you the most successful combinations for the safelane. Hope you will find it useful!

Best safelane combos of 7.27d

Just like in the previous patch Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit secured the first place as two most successful carry+support in the safelane. Two ranged heroes can easily out-harass their opponents in the lane and then bring an insane damage output to team fights. This combination is also good at taking down towers and securing Roshan.

Crystal Maiden, who has proven to be the most effective roamer in the offlane in combination with Bloodseeker, also managed to get into the safelane list in combination with Juggernaut. Two powerful disables together with Blade Fury make this combo insanely strong in the lane.

What combination do you like the most? Do you use any of them in your games?