It's been almost two weeks since the latest patch. It is now the time to see on the best combos you can pick with your friend to dominate in the offlane.

As many of you could expect Bloodseeker secured himself #1 spot in the list. The best partner for a hero ended up being a beautiful Crystal Maiden, who can help BS to make easy kills with the help of two disables. Bloodseeker himself became an absolute phenomenon in 7.27d. The hero increased his win rate by over 5% compared to the previous patch. His very powerful nuke helps him to effortlessly dominate in the lane. No surprise here, mana regen from Arcane Aura makes this nuke even more valuable.

Dark Seer plus Spirit Breaker is one of the best classic combos, which works very well to this day. Just use Ion Shell and Surge on the angry cow-man and he is going to do the rest of the work. This strong combo secures the #4 positions on the list.

Legion Commander and Warlock is the combo I recommend the most. This combination brings an insane team fight and initiation for the team. Not to mention these two heroes are insanely strong in the lane.

Best offlane combos of 7.27d

What are your favorite combos to play with in the offlane? Share your thoughts in the comments.