The patch 7.24b has come. It is definitely the best time to highlight the heroes, who may help you to improve your MMR. In this article, we will select one best hero in each position that you can train and spam to increase your chances of successfully boosting your rating.

Table of contents

Carry - Lycan

Lycan has the highest win rate in the three top ranks - Immortal, Divine, and Ancient. Even though to play this hero you need to control many units, you can do it very easily by setting up hotkeys for ‘Select all other units’ and ‘Select all controlled units’ commands in options. The hero is very strong in the lane, has an insane pushing potential and is able to chase down and kill any of his opponents.

The gameplay of the Lycan is very simple. Anytime you have the Shapeshift ready to use - play aggressively, aim to destroy towers, make kills, secure an Aegis. Anytime it is on cooldown - use your units to split push lanes and farm jungle. It is actually as simple as that.

Do you have troubles during the laning stage? Not a problem. Lycan can leave the lane and start farming jungle from level 3.

Lycan is not the strongest hero in the late-game, but even then he can activate his split pushing game and rat down the enemy throne very easily.

The best players to learn from are Secret. MATUMBAMAN, Nigma.Miracle.

Middle - Visage

Yet another hero with a very high win rate in the highest Dota 2 brackets.

Visage is very similar to Lycan in many ways. He also has many units, enables in the game as soon as he reaches level 6 and has an insane pushing potential. Just like for the Lycan, you need to bind ‘Select all other units’ hotkey in the settings. Control group settings to control specific units would also be helpful, but not even necessary.

The biggest downside of the Visage is what actually makes this hero so great for newcomers and players in lower ranks. The hero is very weak in the lane and is not supposed to win it, like at all. There are only very few match-ups that Visage should win. How is that good? Well, if players in higher ranks are losing mid constantly and winning games afterward, why wouldn’t you? All you need is to get to level 6 and then start farming neutral camps to get your first key items, such as Helm of the Dominator and Medalion. With these items, you can start playing aggressively by destroying enemy towers and killing enemy heroes. Simple as that. Visage is also very tanky thanks to Gravekeeper’s Cloak, so you do not even have to care about your positioning too much. Just get your items, levels and click Grave Chill + Attack on enemy heroes, that’s it.

The best players to learn from are Nigma.w33, ForZe.Gibkiy.

Offlane - Slardar

Slardar is just broken, especially for pubs. Do you want to know how broken he is? He was nerfed in the latest patch but still keeps the highest win rate for any offlaners in all skill brackets. Yes, all of them.

The hero is very strong in the lane, provides initiation, can frontline and build team fight oriented items. Is there anything else you can ask for from an offlaner? Play it while it’s hot. There is a high chance that IceFrog can nerf him in the upcoming patch once again.

The best players to learn from are VP.Resolution and Shergarat(Slardar spammer EU region).

Roamer - Snapfire

Just like Slardar, Snapfire was nerfed in a previous patch. Clearly, nerfs weren’t enough to stop this hero from stomping pubs. Two active AoE spells, alongside powerful ultimate make Snapfire insanely effective in both fighting and farming. The hero is also very strong in the lane and good at rotating. He has the ability to both initiate fights and to save his teammates. Not a bad set of abilities for a single hero, is it? The additional nerfs to Snapfire are inevitable, so don’t waste your time and use the hero to increase your MMR.

The best players to learn from are VP.Zayac and ALOHADANCE.

Support - Bane

This one is not very obvious, but Bane has shown very good results in this patch in all the highest skill groups. The hero is very simple, yet very effective.

Bane is very strong in the lane, good at rotating and has one of the strongest, if not the strongest single-target disables in the game.

If you are a newcomer and only learn to play Dota 2 - Bane is definitely your go-to hero.

The best players to learn from are Secret.Puppey and Synderen.