In this week’s infographic we decided to highlight the best combos you may pick with your friend to dominate your lane and the game after all. To make the statistic fairer, we have ignored combinations that were picked in less than 5000 matches.

The combination that tops our list is Drow + Venge. These two heroes together were always a deadly duo in many patches. Two ranged heroes, which can benefit a lot from each other’s passives can easily win their lane and then progress this domination to secure all the necessary space on the map. Vengeful Spirit also provides necessary save, which is very important for Drow Ranger, as this hero is usually a #1 priority target to kill.

In the offlane+roamer combo, you should pay close attent

ion to the Axe and Phoenix duo. These two heroes together may easily win their lane and then single-handedly provide victories in team fight after a team fight. Supernova plus Berserker’s Call is a very deadly combination.

Best duos to win games with

What are your favorite duos to play with your friend? What combinations would you suggest trying to other players? Share your thoughts in comments.