In this week’s infographic, we decided to compare the most effective carry and hard support combinations, which you may play alongside your friend to secure easy victories.

Drow Ranger + Vengeful Spirit got into our list twice today, as it secures the third-highest win rate in the lower-skill group and the first place in normal skill-group. This duo has it all: pushing, initiation, save, presence in the lane and farm. If you and your friend play very well together, you may even secure a 2v5 win with this powerful duo.

Jakiro showed excellent results in a high-tier bracket. The hero, who is known for his high pushing potential feels himself very well in the current patch, as he counters very popular Nature’s Prophet and also lanes very well against all the powerful melee strength offlaners.

What are your favorite duo combinations in the lane?

Carry + hard support duo win rates in 7.26c