Hello everyone. My nickname is MaTa, I am an ex-professional Dota 2 player, who is currently working in GOSU.AI. Alongside other individuals, I’ve been working on the GOSU.AI Voice Assistant project. I’d like to share my personal view on the app, explain to you how it is working, why it is useful and what are our plans for the future.

Let’s begin with an app itself. What does the Voice Assistant do?

Voice Assistant helps players during games in various ways. After you find a match and pick your hero, Voice Assistant starts giving you useful advice. It includes the introduction of a hero, up to date skill-build, item build, personal advice as well as hero advice, and what I love the most, it gives reminders about key objectives of the game.

How does it work?

The app works in an overlay mode. It looks good, doesn’t take too much space on the screen. It reads the text as well as highlights it on the screen. You can change the voice between male and female, remove the subtitles, move the overlay anywhere you want, mute the app by clicking one button. The app is very simple and easy to work with.

Who is it good for?

The app is useful for players in all ranks, including high-ranked players. Being a 7k+ player myself, I find it a lot harder to play without a Voice Assistant, as it reminds me of all the key timings in the game. I am always aware and ready for Bounty Runes, Outposts, stacking, warding and everything else. The coordination of the team became a lot better and simpler as a result.

New players give very good feedback about the app, as it helps not only to learn the basics but also to learn the game better and feel like a professional player.

What are our plans for the future?

This is only the first version of Dota 2 Voice Assistant and it is already awesome. It gets better every day and evolves very quickly. In the current version, the VA gives you advice based on your net worth, last-hits, KDA and more. In future updates, we hope to teach the AI to track down the inventories of both teammates and opponents, give specific advice based on the economical situation in the game, help in the lane by recognizing line-ups and giving suggestions on how to approach the lane better.

Our goal is to help any player not only to get better but to reach the highest levels of Dota 2. With this app, you are going to learn the game a lot faster than you do now.

Starting from today GOSU.AI Voice Assistant becomes partly free. One hero from each position is going to be available for all users. The heroes are going to change every week.

This post seems like a promotion one, but it really isn’t. I literally dare every single one of you to try the GOSU.AI Voice Assistant, and I am 100% positive that you are going to love it.

To the people, who have tried the app, please leave your feedback in the comments. Leave suggestions, tell us what you would like to see in the future generations of Voice Assistant.

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You can try the GOSU.AI Voice Assistant out here