Today we have finally received a new patch. 7.22h is small, but some changes can be crucial for meta and some heroes. Now is the best time to compare how good of a work Valve did with the previous 7.22g patch in comparison to 7.22f.

7.22f vs 7.22g Draft Comparison

Alchemist was the biggest hero of the past The International. He was picked+banned in 172 games, which is the highest of the tournament. He has suffered some unpleasant nerfs to Chemical Rage and Greevil’s Greed, which successfully lowered his ability to carry games by himself. After the nerfs Alchemist has lost 6.3% in win rate and insane 10.6% in pick rate.

Enchantress was the second most picked+banned hero in The International 2019. Ce6 has shown how to use this hero to its fullest potential, Valve could do nothing but to Nerf her. Enchantress is still picked in 6% of games, but all her key average stats, such as GPM and XPM were dropped heavily.

The only hero Valve has failed to nerf is Mirana. Even though she got a little nerfed on her ultimate and Sacred Arrow, she has only increased win rate and pick rate in 7.22g.

Are you happy with the nerfs? What changes do you want to see in 7.23?

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